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Precautions in hydrogen storage and transportation

Issuing time:2020-11-07 13:49

In order to ensure the safety, hydrogen storage and transportation process should pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) When moving and storing gas cylinders, shockproof gaskets should be installed and safety helmets should be tightened to protect the on-off valve from accidental rotation and reduce collision; (2) when handling gas cylinders filled with gas, it is better to use a special stretcher or trolley, or use hand to horizontally or vertically rotate, but it is not allowed to stick to the switch valve to move; (3) when the gas filled cylinder is loaded and transported, It should be properly fixed to avoid rolling collision on the way; when loading and unloading the vehicle, it should be gently lifted and placed, and throwing, sliding or other methods that are easy to cause collision are prohibited; (4) it is not allowed to transport or store in the same place with the gas cylinder (such as oxygen cylinder) which may cause combustion and explosion after contacting, nor can it be mixed with other inflammable and explosive materials; (5) the cylinder body is defective and the safety accessories are not If it is completely or damaged and cannot be used safely, it must not be sent to the filling gas again. It should be sent to the relevant units for inspection and can only be used after passing the inspection.

It should also be noted that the safety helmet on the cylinder must be worn when transporting the cylinder. Generally, the cylinder shall be placed horizontally, and the bottle mouth shall be in the same direction and shall not be crossed; the height shall not exceed the protective fence of the vehicle, and shall be clamped with triangular wood pad to prevent rolling. The transport vehicles shall be equipped with corresponding types and quantities of fire fighting equipment. The exhaust pipe of the vehicle transporting the article must be equipped with fire-retardant device. It is forbidden to use mechanical equipment and tools that are easy to produce sparks to load and unload. It is strictly forbidden to mix loading and transportation with oxidant and halogen. Transportation should be carried in the morning and evening in summer to prevent sun exposure. Keep away from fire and heat source during stopover. Road transportation should be in accordance with the prescribed route, do not stay in residential areas and densely populated areas. It is forbidden to slide when transporting by railway.

In addition, operators should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages before work, and smoking is prohibited at the work site. The hydrogen storage site should be equipped with static electricity removal facilities, and ventilation should be strengthened. In case of a large amount of hydrogen leakage, personnel shall leave the site quickly to prevent suffocation. The accident handling personnel shall wear air breathing apparatus; wear protective glasses or masks when contacting liquid hydrogen; wear clean and intact anti-static work clothes and gloves.

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