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Storage and transportation of potassium hydroxide

Issuing time:2020-10-31 08:53


1. Transportation precautions: steel drum can be transported by gondola when transported by railway. The packing should be complete and the loading should be safe. During transportation, the container shall not leak, collapse, fall and damage. It is strictly forbidden to mix loading and transportation with inflammables, combustibles, acids, edible chemicals, etc. Transport vehicles shall be equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment during transportation;

2. Storage precautions: store in cool, dry and well ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. The humidity in the warehouse should be no more than 85%. The package must be sealed and protected from dampness. It should be stored separately from inflammable (combustible) materials and acids, and should not be mixed. The storage area should be equipped with suitable materials to hold the leakage;

3. Packing method: the solid can be packed into 0.5mm thick steel drum and sealed tightly, net weight of each barrel shall not exceed 100kg; plastic bag or two-layer kraft paper bag shall have full opening or middle opening steel barrel; screw mouth glass bottle, iron cap pressure mouth glass bottle, plastic bottle or metal barrel (can) shall be packed in ordinary wooden box; screw mouth glass bottle, plastic bottle or tin plate barrel (can) shall be covered with bottom plate lattice box and fiberboard Case or plywood box; tinplate drum (can), metal drum (can), plastic bottle or metal hose outer corrugated box.

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